Muslim Hears the Gospel

After meeting this young woman, we told her we’d been at evangelism training and asked if she would like to take the “Good Person” test, a segue to sharing the Gospel.  She was excited to take it!  She listened intently and was intrigued by all we discussed.  We left her 2 gospel tracts, one that was specifically for Muslims and another called “Why Christianity?”  She said she would read our tracts later and would definitely consider all we’d talked about.

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Waiting on God

Waiting on God. I must admit, this is not an area I can say that I’ve mastered. But, like most of us, whether we like it or not, I have experienced this to some degree. In an age of instant gratification, for some of us, waiting can be torture. In this blog, I want to … Continue reading Waiting on God

Free Indeed

WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE TO BE FREE? Have you ever experienced complete and total liberation? Do you even think it’s possible? Do you think there will always be something holding you down or that not feeling free is all just a part of life? I happen to know that it is possible to be … Continue reading Free Indeed