Love in Action: From Dallas to L.A.

Wow! The last couple of weeks were a whirlwind of traveling to some incredible trainings, meeting many amazing people from all different walks of life, and seeing God move in such awesome ways! We loved that both trainings included men and women of many different ages, races, nations, and denominations all coming together in unity for the cause of Christ!  Our first training in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area was called Power and Love.  Between trainings we joined up with others and let the Lord lead us to places like a mall, Guitar Center and Home Depot.  At the mall we saw a man walking past us carrying a cane.  Shawn said, “Well, someone must’ve already prayed for him!”  We approached and asked if he was in any pain that we could pray for.  He said, “Two other people already prayed for me!  And now I have to carry this cane around!”  He said he had bad hip pain that completely went away after the others prayed for him.  You can watch his short testimonial here:

Our group at Guitar Center consisted of 4 Ukrainians, 3 Texans, and 2 South Koreans from Kazakhstan. It sounds like the perfect intro to a joke! Shawn and our Ukrainian friends, Yuri and Ruslan, picked up some guitars and played and sang worship songs. Then Shawn and Yuri prayed for this guy, below, who wanted them to pray for one of his friends. How thoughtful of him to be so considerate of his friend!

From DFW we headed to Los Angeles. The people we met there were some of the kindest, friendliest, and most receptive people we have ever met!  Thank you to our prayer partners! Our Father loves them and had prepared their hearts to receive and He prepared us to take action and to SPEAK.  There are many more stories we’d like to share; but for time’s sake, we’ve narrowed it down to these who especially touched our hearts.  We went to Grand Central Market one morning where we met this sweet, young lady.  She simply said she would like us to pray for “stress” and that her “whole life had been stressful.”

There was another vendor there that we did NOT want to eat at because we thoroughly disliked the name, “Eggslut.”  However, after much walking around, Eggslut is, of course, where God led us. (We found ourselves standing in line without even realizing we had gotten in line!)  We were blessed with about 25 minutes to visit with this family, pictured below, who was ahead of us in line.  They live in Egypt, and she is a Palestinian directly from the Gaza Strip.  We talked to them about Jesus. They said they “are M-slim, but enjoy going to churches, mosques and Buddhist temples.”  We shared the Gospel with them, and then asked if there was anything specifically we could pray for.  She had ulcerative colitis. We shared a testimony with her about someone we know who was completely healed of that. Then, we prayed with them and asked if they would be willing to read a tract we had called “Do All Roads Lead to God?”  They smiled and gladly accepted it and said they would read it.  We learned that God didn’t mind that we were at a place called Eggslut nearly as much as we minded.  There were people there who He loves dearly!

At Muscle Beach we met this guy, below.  He was doing some interesting meditation or worship of some kind.  We asked him about it.  He clutched his necklace that a celebrity athlete had given him. It had a woman on it that the celebrity told him would “bring good energy and protection.”  We shared the Gospel with him, and he said, “That’s beautiful.”  We prayed with him and he gladly accepted a tract from us that expounded on what we had discussed.

This beautiful lady was feeding squirrels and shared her treats with me so I could feed them, too.  We had such an interesting visit with her! She and my friend, Chris (who I hadn’t seen in a decade!), discussed their differing views on war and our military. She thanked him for sharing with her a perspective she hadn’t heard. What would she like prayer for? Her daughter. They were awaiting biopsy results from a lumpectomy.  Praise report received after we got home: her daughter is completely cancer-free! And, she said she believes that Jesus loves her and her daughter, and that He put us all on the beach together for this very reason.

After taking a picture at lunch one day, we noticed we had been photobombed by a guy at the table next to us. Perfect segue for telling them about Jesus! The guy next to Shawn is a cyclist whose right shoulder was hurting at a level 5, and he could hardly raise his arm. Shawn prayed for him, and he was visibly surprised at how much relief and mobility he had! He said the pain went to a level 3. So, Shawn prayed again.  The pain left and he could raise his arm all the way! He was so shocked and his reaction was so genuine that his friends knew it was real.  One of them, who had some New Age beliefs, exclaimed, “I didn’t realize you were going to perform a healing right then!!” Of course, we made sure they understood it to be JESUS who performed the healing.  Then, the guy next to me said we could pray for him, too.  It was incredible!

Next, our training began with the Living Waters Ambassadors Academy.  Shawn stumbled onto a sermon last year by Ray Comfort called “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and we believe everyone should listen to that, and you can do that here:

It made a huge impact on us, which is what eventually led us to wanting to apply for their training.  Shawn open-air preached on the busy Santa Monica Pier.  There’s something really nerve-wracking about preaching outdoors with a microphone while standing on a tiny box just a few inches off the ground!  He did an excellent job and you can watch him share his testimony here:

Some of the open-air preachers use a humorous “IQ Test” to lead into sharing the Gospel. They offer funny prizes, like “big money,” which is literally a BIG, fake $100 bill that kids love, in addition to real cash prizes.  These teenage boys saw our team setting up on the beach, and they ran over yelling that they’d been looking for us and they wanted to take the test and win the big money! They were every open-air preacher’s dream!  After they’d taken the test and heard the Gospel, this 13-year old boy threw his arms out and shouted to the onlookers on the beach and on the pier that “these people are out here on a nice, sunny day sharing with us!”  Then, he shook our leader’s hand and thanked him for what we were all doing out there.  How encouraging! (We’ll share on our YouTube page the video of these boys taking the IQ Test.)

This sweet guy, Oscar, couldn’t feel anything in his feet after being run over by a car.  After we prayed he wanted to remove the brace on his foot and take off his shoe to show us that he could suddenly wiggle his toes!  Then, he wanted to stand up out of his wheelchair to take a picture with us!  Glory to God!

Last, but not least, our shuttle driver who took us back to the airport, was this friendly girl who had just graduated from UC Berkeley.  We told her we’d been at evangelism training and asked if she would like to take the “Good Person” test, another segue to sharing the Gospel.  She was excited to take it!  She listened intently and was intrigued about all we discussed.  She said she would read our tracts later and would definitely consider what we’d talked about.

Time and again, we found that people are very receptive to hearing about Jesus and the Gospel after we’ve shown a genuine concern for and interest in them, especially by asking if we can pray for them.  It reminds us of that old saying, “PEOPLE DON’T CARE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW, UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you to those of you who are helping us so that we can go out and help others! When you sowed into us, you partnered with everything and everyone that the Lord brought us to in Dallas and Los Angeles.  People have been healed and people have felt loved because you helped us take Jesus to them.  We are all His hands and feet, whether we are the ones sending or going. When we go, our partners go with us.  Thank you! We love you all! As always, please let us know how we can pray for you!  Blessings!

Isaiah‬ ‭61:1-2‬ ‭NIV:

”The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn…”

Ephesians‬ ‭5:1-2a‬ ‭NLT

Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ…”

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One thought on “Love in Action: From Dallas to L.A.

  1. Shawn & Lori,
    How wonderful to hear how God is using you to minister to all He brings in your path!!! Praise God for the signs, wonders, and miracles as you share the gospel!!!! Love and prayers for you as you continue in His path!!


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