Gabby’s Healing Journey

“By His Stripes we are healed.” – Isaiah 53:5

 We have an amazing testimony for you.  We met Gabby while we were visiting my step-dad in the hospital.  She explained that she was in tremendous pain and was needing a knee replacement.   After praying for her,  God took the pain and healed her knee.  While I could attempt to explain how miraculous this was, I think it would be best to use Gabby’s own words as she documented the miracle on Facebook.  Watch Gabby’s testimony and read about her journey below.

Update #1
I’ve got to tell you what God did. I’ve had knee pain for several months and been told I need a total knee replacement. I put it off until the pain has almost made me a hermit. Then today my mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital predicting a heart attack. I had no choice but to walk far and a lot. The pain was excruciating for hours… Our sweet son came to sit with Grandma while we went to the cafeteria. It meant another long, painful walk for me. I wished aloud I had brought my purse so I could leave from the hospital cafeteria. It would have saved me two very long walks. I limped and almost asked my husband to get me a wheelchair to continue to the cafeteria.  Before I could say it, he let me know I would be riding back (via wheelchair) to Grandma’s room…   I talked to God. “God, if you don’t do something, I’m going to be in a wheelchair.”   We entered the dining area of BSA Hospital and looked at the food as I limped and grimaced. I’d take the first available food and sit down as fast as I could, I decided.  As I came to an empty aisle, a man pointed at my knee brace.  “I need to pray for you.”   I think I replied, “God sent you!”  He asked me what had happened.   “I have to have knee replacement surgery, but, Medicare says I have to go to physical therapy for 12 weeks.“  What I didn’t tell him was that I didn’t think I could last 12 weeks. The pain is unbearable even with injections and medication.   He did not hesitate. He laid hands and prayed for me right in the middle of the cafeteria. I bowed my head as my husband laid hands on my shoulders.  Now, I’m going to tell you I whispered “amen” and “thank you, Jesus” not as a prayer of agreement, but begging Him to make me strong enough to take care of Grandma and not fail Him.  Then I felt a numbness and cold in my knee. I felt the pain go out the back of my knee like a magician pulling a long scarf out of their sleeve. It continued to pull as relief flowed from the front of my knee to the back. As the scarf moved through my knee, I asked the man’s name.  “Shawn Irvin.”  Steve and I passed our names around as if we were enrolling in a very respected branch of the military. This was serious. I was being inducted into the Miracle Testifying Volunteers and I knew it. I knew I had to go and tell what God had done. I knew my gratitude was accepted and I knew I was thrilled to be blessed.   I carefully put my weight on the knee questioning if the lack of pain was my imagination. No pain. I did it again and again. It wasn’t my imagination!   So I did a little jig.  So I walked around.  So I walked and ordered my hamburger.  So I did a jig again.   Then Shawn asked if he could video my testimony. It was surreal. Please watch this video and know God is Real! What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you!

Update #2
Last night I told my testimony of God’s triumph over pain. This morning the saga continues. 

I came home last night so excited about God taking the pain from my knee that I couldn’t go to bed. I wanted to walk!  I finally went to bed around midnight. Usually the pain wakes me up several times through the night.  THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN! I noticed some changes in my knee this morning. There is no swelling, no screaming pain, and no great dread of the day ahead!  I have to keep my physical therapy appointment. I’m going to tell the whole clinic what happened last night!  If God took the pain and the doctors say,” No need for surgery.” I will praise.  If God took the pain and restored the joint, you are never going to stop hearing about it!  If God made me able to continue with therapy and meet Medicare requirements so I can be healed by knee replacement surgery, I accept that as His plan as well.   Either way is His way. I’m on a God Walk! And it doesn’t hurt!

Update #3

God took my pain away last night. I slept through the night without pain. I’m walking this morning without pain! I have physical therapy as required by Medicare before knee replacement surgery. I thought I couldn’t make it the 12 weeks required before surgery. But! God fixed that!


Update #4

When the doctor told me I have to have total knee replacement surgery I found out Medicare won’t pay for it unless I go through 12 weeks of Physical Therapy. I love Total Physical Therapy. This isn’t my first rodeo with Total Physical Therapy. We love each other. It’s easy. The last two weeks I’ve asked the therapist to take it easy, as the pain was unbearable. I didn’t go to church or the grocery store. It was just too painful.   I’ve told you God heard my plea for pain relief and sent a prayer warrior my way. A complete stranger took the time to pray, and within minutes I was pain free!  I slept well last night. I went to physical therapy this morning.  As I walked in, I noticed the expressions of delight on all the PT assistants faces. So I strutted my stuff for them.  Then I sailed through the therapy like a professional athlete in good health.  I showed the video my Prayer Warrior took of my testimony last night. My therapist was amazed by my improvements. She told me God had more for me to do. I believe her!  Other patients celebrated God’s good work. I’m still at it!! Won’t you join us? Thank you Shawn and Lori Irvin for being bold Christians who followed God’s direction and prayed for a complete stranger. God certainly used you in my life.   I arrived at BSA hospital to stay with my mother-in-law. I had to park further away than yesterday. I walked the same long halls I walked yesterday. I sat in the same too-big-for-me chair for a long time. I am amazed at the progress myself!   You know, if God heals my knee Himself or has me go through knee replacement surgery, I Know He’s got this. I am on my way up!   “Amazing love, can it be that my King would die for me?”

Update #5

God took my pain away 48 hours ago. Oh sure, the knee may still have to be replaced. But, God uses doctors too.  Today I went back to the dining room at BSA Hospital.  I showed my cousin and daughter exactly where I stood when a complete stranger said, ”I need to pray for you.”   We looked at the floor tiles. You know, they looked just like the rest of the floor. Since I was in the exact spot I thought I’d test my knee. I put all my weight on one leg. There was no pain. It surprised me because I have had the pain so long. Then I was a little ashamed. Why are we surprised when God does something He is supposed to do?  I wonder if God is surprised when I do what I am supposed to do. I think so. I am.   What if we all were as bold as that complete stranger who offered prayer for me?  What if we all stepped out in faith? What if more people were healed because we all stepped out in faith? What if we stopped bickering and started respecting the Word of God enough that He could perform His Word? What if we all just got along?  Let’s all make a resolve to be the ones to stop a stranger and offer to pray for them even if their skin, car, or religious or political views are different from ours.

Update #6

I have no pain. The knee is still unstable. I wouldn’t run track or mountain climb this morning. I know God took my pain away for a reason.   I know I’m on my way to something wonderful. No matter what lies ahead on my God Walk, I will be in green pastures and still waters. I grow more excited every day. I intend to stop and put my feet in that refreshing water!   Every day is a God Walk. Won’t you come along with me?

Update #7

Today is the fifth day since God took my knee pain away. 

I haven’t been going to church or the grocery store because of the long walk required. 

This morning I will walk into my Sunday School room. My friends will break out in applause. Why? Because God deserves it!   I’ve had several ask for the name of the stranger who prayed for me. His name is Shawn Irvin. His wife’s name is Lori Irvin. But, please know it is God who took my pain through them. If you need prayer, please feel welcome to post it in reply to this post. The Irvin’s will see your post.  What He’s done for others He’ll do for you.  Every day is a God Walk and I walk again! 

Update #8

I went to Sunday school only.  Those who are FB friends asked me to tell my testimony. I usually have stage fright. But I was calm and stood at the front of the large class with the microphone and gave my testimony.   We usually don’t gather and lay on hands. But, I pointed out a stranger was obedient,  and my pain is gone. We prayed over a lady before leaving.

Three points that Gabby said she would like to see made:
1.When I was struggling to do the impossible God made it possible.
2.When we move through our lives we need to look for ways to serve God. If you had not done so I would either have tended my mother in laws needs in a wheelchair in pain or not been there for her at all.
3. Be diligent! Satan wants to steal . A few times I have felt a twinge of the old pain I have bound him up tight. Then I am pain free again.   Everyday is a God Walk and I walk again!

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