After serving in an orphanage on our last short-term mission, we knew that God was calling us to full-time ministry. Since then, God has opened one door after another that has led to a variety of outreach and evangelism efforts, such as helping with a weekly children’s Bible study that ministered to underprivileged and at-risk kids, helping refugees study for their citizenship tests and learn English, and taking a van-full of kids to church every week.  

In 2021 we completed an 11-week internship in Honduras where we learned about disciple making, community transformation, children’s ministry and more.  
We returned to Honduras for seven months in 2022 where we continued to minister to the lost and underprivileged.  We are returning to the United States temporarily while we transition, regroup, and launch out on our next assignment.  This will enable us to continue advancing the Kingdom of God with vision, mission, and purpose.

We have been excitedly married since February 2012!



We must be intentional about being His Hands and feet.

“Those who forever seek the will of God are overrun by those who do it.”


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